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  • October 26, 2020 21:08

Explore Norwegian Scenic Routes on a campervan road trip

Whether you need to change your daily routine or you miss travelling too much, it's never a bad time to go on a road trip. What about exploring one of the scenic routes during the weekend? Just after work on Friday, start an engine in one of our campers and your trip can begin. Here is one of the routes to inspire you.


Head towards Geilo. The journey there is spectacular thanks to many lakes and forests that play with all the colours during autumn. If you decide to go there during winter, you will find this place full of ski enthusiasts. 



Tip! - Visit Á Tartiner Bakeri for a delicious snack. Similarly, Bardola hotel offers great sandwiches and cakes.


Follow the road no. 7 that crosses the biggest high mountain plateau in Northern Europe and see all the waterfalls, distant glaciers and crystal clear waters. No wonder this road belongs to the Norwegian Scenic Routes and is called Hardangervidda. 

Stop by Vøringsfossen, 182 m high waterfall that pours from Hardangervidda plateau down to Måbødalen valley, right under your feet. You can walk above it thanks to a bridge constructed over the waterfall. If you desire to get even closer to the waterfall, you can follow a path from a parking lot down to the canyon, it will take only an hour.



From there, the country changes again, now into apple groves surrounding Hardangerfjord. Driving by a narrow road, you can find many stalls offering various fruits, but rarely served by somebody - trust in Norway is on a high level, it's even cash laying there so you can take a change. In this area, your next stop might be Trolltunga if the weather still allows it. If not, there is Furebergfossen waterfall, Bondushalen lake and Buer glacier - places definitely worth a visit.

At Buer glacier, there is a 150 NOK fee for a parking lot that is valid for an overnight stay as well. Wake up early and nature will make your jaw drop. The sunrise is right on the glacier behind your window.



On your way back you will find a popular waterfall right next to the road - Låtefossen. We recommend coming in the late afternoon when the sun is shining the right way. When the environment changes again, in the rocky mountains you can find Haukeliseter, a mountain cabin offering proper lunch and great cinnamon buns with refreshing coffee. If you plan to spend more time there, there is a sauna and hot tube right next to the lake Ståvatn.



Last but not least, the place that should be on your list is Heddal church. It's a stave church from the 13-th century and is the biggest of its type in Norway.



We hope you enjoy your road trip and you find amazing places for the night. If you need any advice, just hit us a message. We are also sure you can find much more interesting places on your journey.