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  • May 22, 2020 16:36

Travelling around Norway with camper van on budget

Norwegians know it, Americans know it, everyone knows it - Norway is a remarkably expensive country. To be more particular, it's the second most expensive country in the world for the year 2020, right after Switzerland. If it's nevertheless on your wishlist and you are looking for an affordable way of travel, here comes our solution. 


COVID-19 update: This article shares insights on expenses towards tourists coming from abroad. On the other hand there are precious tips to save money for them as well as for Norwegians.  Campervan rental also helps you to see Norway from different perspective, not limited, absolutely flexible & free.


Long story short, most of the people travelling abroad follow the same system. Fly - rent a car - book a hotel - dine out. While in central Europe this will cost you little money, now we are in Norway and it will make ordinary person broke. Let us give you an example (not professional research) made throughout Norway.

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Costs when travelling in Norway:

Flight - it's a must and it can be as cheap as 9€ or expensive as hundreds of euros. It depends on your luckiness and distance.

Rent a car - From personal experience - 130€/day for the cheapest passenger car from the rental company.

Book a hotel - Used to work in one. Nothing extra and you pay not less than 100€/night.

Dine out - Starting with a sandwich for 6€, through fish & chips for 20€ and up to the stars.

Stated examples are just an average of our personal experience from life in Norway. It depends on the location, time and your effort to save some money, just like anywhere else, but the difference is almost negligible. 


The effort depends on your own creativity, but here comes one of it. Imagine renting a vehicle you move with, you sleep in & you cook in. RV? No! It's too huge for driving up to Trollstigen (Troll road)! We talk about renting a camper van! Check out why is renting a van your best option.




Rebuilt van with our own hands into a comfortable camper 

It has everything one needs when travelling. 

  • First of all, it gets you where you want to. It's easy to drive and it fits the narrowest roads. Another advantage is the flexibility of staying at exactly that place where you park also overnight. It's not RV, you are free to park anywhere*.
  • Thanks to insulated walls and diesel heater you will stay warm also in freezing winter.
  • A foldable bed is perfect for good sleep and may be used as a comfy sofa as well. Bedding is included of course.
  • Portable gas stove lets you cook your meal anywhere you wish to. There is all the needed kitchenware included.
  • Camping chairs and table let you chill outside with a view. No extra fee, it's our standard.
  • We love our rooftop window that provides you not only with fresh air but chance to catch aurora while waiting inside.
  • Things that rental company hardly rents, but we do. Extras such as hammock, tent, trekking poles, camera tripod, drone, guitar or simply borrow for free books or board games. 
  • In the end, there is one “but”. There is no toilet and shower. The solution is as easy as that. Norway is full of campgrounds offering showers or nature is as rich as at least 450 000 lakes. 

*if not stated differently at the exact place

Rent your camper now!


Not only youngsters but all of you who are looking not only for the affordable but adventurous way of travel as well. If you already visited your favourite places, discover them from a different angle this summer! There is always hidden gems adventurer must explore. Rent campervan of your choice and start the road trip from Oslo.